What is Jewel Trade Centre?

Jewel Trade Centre is a platform that connects leading jewelry manufacturers in India, Thailand and Hong Kong, to jewelry retailers worldwide.


Bridal Jewelry

The bridal jewelry market is 35% of the entire jewelry market. Penetrate this market with our exclusive and elegant bridal collections. Give a fresh perspective to your customers about bridal jewelry with various stunning designs.

Semi-Mount Solutions

Differentiating jewels and jewelry.
Offer your customers not just the jewels but the complete package with our mounting solutions. At JTC, we promise to give you perfect quality for your precious jewels.

Custom-made jewelry

Distinguish yourself and your business.
Make your mark on the market with our unique designs. We offer custom-made, quality jewelry at an economical price. Your product is your brand; Let us make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.


Set yourself apart from the competitors with our unbeatable price.


Semi mount: 5gms/0.75ct

Your average making charge....(lower side)

When you make with JTC




Diamond setting

3$/per piece

Included in above

Rhodium polish


Included in above

Laser inscription


Free of charge

CAD/CAM designing charges



Total making charge



Time to doorstep

1-2 Weeks

2-3 Weeks

Total ring cost



Not Satisfied with the product? We are just a call away for Returns and Refunds.


E-commerce Services

Reach beyond the ordinary

Equipping you with a little virtuality would make your business prosper to great levels. It would not only be convenient for your clients, but it would also help you to reach a larger customer base. You can keep a keen eye on customer’s buying habits, reduce the cost of inventory, stay open beyond store timings, effectively scale your business beyond the spatial limitations.
Still not convinced?


Other Services


Search-engine optimization

Simple tweaks to expand your reach!

Search-engine optimization

Get the right attention from the right clients with our SEO services. Boost your organic sales effortlessly by fine-tuning the factors within your control. No more going to the customers, it's them who would be reaching you.


CAD-CAM solution

Know what you are getting before you get it.

CAD-CAM solution

Be completely convinced of the product before you make any commitments. Using JTC’s unique computer-aided manufacturing, you can get a clear insight of your product design before it is made.


Wax-RPD Solution

Recreate bestsellers perfectly and precisely.

Wax-RPD Solution

We provide state-of-the-art ready-made wax molds for rings, earrings, necklaces, or any jewelry one can think of. Re-create the best-selling jewelry items perfectly for all your clients.


Sales oriented services

Optimize your clients’ experience.

Sales oriented services

Our website would be linked with yours and the same can be accessed with just a touch. You will have all the authority to modify elements of price and products as per your convenience.


Scouting services

Looking for a diamond in the rough?

Scouting services

With the help of our network that spans continents, JTC can locate the special gemstones or diamonds you need for your clients. Bring exclusivity to your trade by offering your customers what no one else can with our scouting services.

Why Jewel Trade Centre?

Pay the Factory Prices!

Our customers enjoy the best rates for quality products. We guarantee economical and exclusive factory prices. no wholesaler can match with this level of quality.

Authentic Certification
Authentic Certification

Our panel of experts test and verify each product. All our products are certified by them

Timely Dilivery
Timely Delivery

Delivery within the specified time is highly ensured.

Insurance and Protection
Insurance and Protection

The safety of all the products is completely ensured as we have a closed network of high end professionals. Additionally all our goods are insured end to end.


JTC Right Now

We are a young company making huge strides!

We Have


mass manufacturers on board
We Have


jewelers registered
We Have


pieces of jewelry online
We Are


days old
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We can help you make a good business, great

Enjoy customer base of hundreds of retail stores worldwide.

Reach and increase your sales in unexplored markets.

Efficient and hassle free shipping worldwide.

No fixed cost or processing fee.

Know what’s hot in market with our professional services

Payment settlements in a short duration of 7-20 days.

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  • “We no longer have to spend extra cash travelling to trade shows for my purchases, JTC delivers everything right at my doorstep, and if I am not happy with something, they don't hesitate before taking it back!”
    —Saqib Siddique

    Italian Jewelers, Florida,

  • “Jewel Trade Centre is helping my business to grow faster. When working with JTC, I don’t have to worry about my piece, it comes out picture-perfect every time. JTC covers all my production needs, with a welcoming and proficient attitude..”
    —Rohan Shah

    Deerwood jewelers, Florida, USA

  • “Jewel Trade Centre have been providing Danaz Jewelers exceptional service for over 2 years. The New Zealand Market works differently from other markets, however the entire team adapted to our needs and timelines almost immediately! We are looking forward to doing business with JTC team for many years to come..”
    —Darayus Mistry

    Danaz Jewelers, New Zealand

  • “JTC has given me access to a consumer base in the far corners of the world, something I never thought would happen! It has helped by scale my business and expand my customer reach.”
    —Ronald, Founder,

    Glitterati Jewelers

  • “The cut, color, clarity and finish that JTC provides is unbeatable. Out entire retail store is a fan of what they offer.”
    — Rupert Grint, Owner,

    Mode Jewelry Store